My First Blog Post

Current Situation

I decided to start this blog: 1. because I could use a healthy outlet 2. because I want to get my story out 3. because maybe I can help someone dealing with similar struggles and 4. because I have heard that “blogging” can make you extra money and I am desperate for extra cash at the moment.

I am also currently “sitting” with a suicidal patient at the hospital to ensure he doesn’t hurt himself, so I have some extra time.

I have other blogs out there that I started and never kept up with. I hope to do better with this one. I’m not exactly sure how the whole financial compensation comes in to play, but if I get money for any of this it would be ideal.

I have been through a lot and am still struggling, but I try to stay positive and look at the big picture and keep pushing forward. I hope if you are reading this, you find something that helps you.

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